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Our Mission

Our mission is to support and grow the Greater Cincinnati rugby community.


Our Vision

Our vision is to provide world-class facilities, training, leadership, and financial support to youth, high school, collegiate rugby, and beyond, for men and women throughout the Midwest.


Our Purpose

Our purpose is to establish a legacy of financial support and create opportunities to participate in the rugby community.


About the MWRDF

More than just a sport, it's a community. More than just competition, it's growth. More than just a game, it's family.

The MWRDF wasn't born on a field, but in the hearts of those who saw the transformative power of rugby. Founded in 1996, we're not just about scoring tries and trophies; we're about building a legacy of inclusivity, excellence, and passion for the sport in the Greater Cincinnati region and beyond.

Imagine: Youth discovering the thrill of teamwork, high schoolers tackling their dreams (pun intended!), college athletes fueled by ambition and opportunity. That's what the MWRDF fuels. We're the wind beneath their wings, the scrum pushing them forward, the cheers echoing their determination.

With unwavering commitment, we:

  • Invest in the future: Every tackle, every try, every triumphant roar starts with a solid foundation. We provide grants and scholarships to ensure young players have access to top-notch facilities, skilled coaches, and the equipment they need to thrive.
  • Build champions: From fledgling squads to seasoned teams, we offer financial support, training clinics, and leadership development programs. We want to see them not just dominate on the field, but become leaders in life.
  • Fuel the flame: Rugby isn't just a sport; it's a community. We organize fundraising events, maintain an endowment fund, and accept donations to keep the spirit of rugby alive and burning bright.
  • Build a strong foundation: We believe everyone deserves a welcoming space to celebrate the sport. That's why we advocate for and contribute to the expansion and improvement of rugby facilities across the region.

Join us! Become a part of the MWRDF movement. You can:

  • Donate: Every dollar paves the way for another player's journey. No amount is too small.
  • Volunteer: Share your time and talents to support events, fundraising efforts, and administrative needs.
  • Spread the word: Be an ambassador! Tell your friends, family, and community about the magic of rugby and the MWRDF's mission.

Together, we can create a legacy of rugby excellence in the Midwest, one try, one tackle, one community member at a time.

Investing Rugby

As a 501c3 non-profit foundation, the MWRDF relies on investment from individuals, groups, and corporations to help accomplish our mission. Investments can be made by volunteering time at events, taking a leadership role, or via a financial contribution. No matter how you choose to invest, your time, money, and effort will go to a great cause benefiting amateur rugby throughout Greater Cincinnati.

Building Rugby

To build a significant structure, you must first have a strong foundation to build upon. This is the approach that the MWRDF takes to the growth of rugby throughout the region. The MWRDF builds this foundation by providing world class rugby fields for practice and games, scholarships for ruggers traveling nationally and internationally, coaching clinics, and by providing balls, jerseys, and equipment to clubs throughout the region.


MWRDF by the Numbers

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As a 501c3 non-profit organization, the MWRDF raises funds through several different methods including individual donations, corporate sponsorships, community efforts with Kroger Rewards & Amazon Smile, raffles for well known high-end prizes, and events such as the annual euchre tournament. 

MWRDF Impact

The Foundation creates oportunities for our club to better develop our players and program. They've created avenues for our players to play oversees, graduate to select-sides, and more. The grounds and equipment they provide are best-in-class and the whole region benefits.

Mark Heidrich

Director of Rugby, UCRFC

The MWRDF has sky-rocketed Rookie Rugby in Cincinnati. The team has a long-term vision, and focusing on the kids is a great way to work toward that vision. Their support has had a huge impact for us.

Nick Lauterbach

President, Rookie Rugby Cincinnati

The Midwest Rugby Foundation works closely with us and our Grayhounds - that said, I want to be clear, there is a clear distinction between the two organizations. They support us with the Brimelow Fields (for us and all the clubs around), equipment, and more. Us here at CRFC are appreciative for all the the MWRDF does for the rugby community.

Justin Forgash

President, CRFC

MWRDF Partners & Sponsors


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